WEE embody the ideals of poise, elegance and hidden sensuality. The elements that define this Bangkok-based, modern atelier are craftsmanship, romanticism and richness. WEE is feminine and daring, modern and timeless.
A stylish combination of vintage and contemporary with elements from the ‘50s-’70s run through the brand, contrasted with an exquisite use of signature embroideries.
WEE’s lightness of touch in every thread, modern production techniques and a haute couture termination ensure that this is an everyday atelier that vanguards timeless femininity of an urban woman.


Staying true to the elegance of the women from the Victorian era, WEE’s craftsmanship lies in the artisan applique detailing of ribbons, florals and embroidery. The alluring aesthetic is created through the intricate use of hand-executed techniques, creative patterns, iconic silhouettes and high quality materials in the same pret-a-couture tradition of a high fashion atelier. To WEE, every creation is a work of wearable art, delicately and carefully crafted for the smart and sophisticated working woman of the city.

Biography & Heritage

From a humble beginning of an independent store that specializes in beads, sequin and embroidery, founder and creative director Wee-Suphawee Sirirattanapol officially launched WEE in 2014 with the belief that every woman can feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Her fascination with how each and every little detail comes together, combined with the strong support of a small but committed team of seamstress, pattern-makers and designers, guarantee that every creation is a masterpiece.

Although WEE started off as a pop-up store at Siam Paragon, the unique vision combined with the use of modern applique techniques and a clear understanding of what Thai women want made the debut A/W 2014 collection an instantaneous hit. Now, three years on, WEE has a permanent store at Siam Paragon, Zen @ CentralWorld as well as a brand-new flagship store at Central Festival Eastville.